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Time/Talent Offering Questionnaire
Purpose of this form: Provide believers with the opportunity to exercise faith in action using interests and talents. Form will be used by Senior Pastor, Admin Pastor, and Staff to find individuals who have applicable interests and skills.
Please take time to fill out this form. Reflect on your talents, skills and time in ways God would want to use you. Life In Christ Ministries reserves the right to use only qualified candidates and is not under any obligation
Phone Number*
email, (if available)
By checking this box I confirm that I am attending Life In Christ Ministries regularly. This acknowledgment along with my full name typed above should serve as my digital signature, and carries the same authority as a physical signature.*
Do you have a degree from Bible College, or a secular degree?
What would be a comfortable time commitment for you? (Please specify certain time(s) of day, number of days, or hours available)*
What will be your level of involvement?
Are you more interested in supporting when asked, or coordinating the support?
(Section One) Occasional Assistance: Please check those you are interested in.
Greeter (1 month commitment)
Usher (1 month commitment)
Child Care / Nursery
Sound Board
Special Events
 Group Events
 Funeral Luncheons
 Help with fundraising events
Kitchen Help (including but not limited to Special Events)
Participating in plays, dramas, and seasonal events.
 Other specials
Seasonal decoration of the Church.
Seasonal Art
 Card Making
(Section Two) Specific Areas Of Interest
 Visiting People
 Visit hospitalized
 Visit Shut-ins
 Errands for the sick and Homebound.
 Make a meal for a new mom.
 Working with Children
 Working with Teens
 Parent / Children Church helper (classroom aide)
 Meeting people / making connections
 Sponsor new family
 Seminars and presentations
Section Three: Maintainance , Repair, and Security
Construction Skills
Yard Care
 General Lawn Care
Snow Removal
Section Four: Interpersonal Skills
Do you speak another language? If yes, please specify the language(s).
Do you know First Aid?
Mission Trips/ Mission Work
Are you an expert in your field? If so please explain.
Section Five: Technical (IT/IS, Computer Support, Web Design/Development) and Multimedia
Computer Skills: Please check all that applies.
 Website development
 Hardware Installation
 Hardware Repair
 Audio / Visual
 Graphic Design
Movie Filming / Editing
Mechanical Skills. Please Specify:
Have you mastered hobbies or skills not listed here? Please Specify:
Before submitting, Life In Christ Ministries may (at their own discretion) choose to keep a copy of this digital questionnaire.

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