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Meet the Pastor

Dr. Danny L. Martineau - Lead Pastor

Danny L Martineau was born, September 9, 1950 in Flint, MI.  He received a “call” into the ministry at the age of eleven after hearing the voice of the Lord, which was followed by a series of visions of Jesus Christ. He began to speak in Junior Church services and conducted his first revival meeting in another city at the age of thirteen. By the age of fifteen he was speaking at different churches, including churches in Canada. He often spoke at his home church to large audiences.
            After marrying his childhood sweetheart, Lois, they travelled as evangelists for over two years. While on his way to Tennessee to audition as a Bass Guitar player for the Happy Goodman family, he stopped to visit some friends in West Virginia. The small church they attended in Coalwood was without a pastor, so they asked him to conduct meeting for them, which turned out to be very successful. Having been told by Vestal Goodman that there would not be much time to preach if he travelled with them, Danny decided to temporarily take the church until they could find a permanent pastor. That temporary situation lasted for eight years.
            Because the church could not support a full-time pastor and many of the people held the view that “A pastor ought to work like everyone else,” he went to work for Olga Coal Company, a deep coal mine. Coalwood and Olga Coal Company is the scene of the book and movie, “October Sky” (originally called “The Rocket Boys”). Danny became friends with several of the people who are featured in the book. Danny also wrote a book about his experiences as a pastor and coal miner entitled, “When I Was a Coal Miner.”
            Danny has always been an avid musician. He plays the guitar and keyboard, and has played several other instruments as well. He has taught music and played semi-professionally. Today, he primarily plays for worship services, some performance, and for personal enjoyment.
            He has earned the Master of Theology and Doctor of Ministry degrees from the “School of Bible Theology” in San Jacinto, CA. He also has earned the Master of Letters and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from Oxford Graduate School in Crystal, TN. Oxford Graduate School is not officially a college of Oxford University in the UK, but the school does have a working relationship and a center in Oxford. Students are required to go to Oxford University in England for classes as a part of their educational requirement. For more information go to