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Sermon Audio Downloads

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Showing records 421 through 450.

Twenty Four Elders in Revelation

Revelation 4:4

Who are the 24 elders, and what do they represent in the book of Revelation? Discover all this and more as you listen to Dr. Martineau teach on the 24 elders.

How Long Lord?

Rev. 6:9-11

Have you ever wondered how long it will be before God answers certain prayers or comes through in your circumstances? Listen and learn the correct way to respond to the emotions you feel during these times, and how to walk through them into victory.

According to the Power

Eph 3:20, Lev. 26:19

Listen to this powerful message from Dr. Martineau and learn how to tap into the power that is in you from the time you were born again. Just because the ability to do something is there does not mean it automatically works for you, you have to activate, learn how to do that Biblically so you can walk in victory in every area of your life.

The Divine Exchange

Matt. 27:16-26, Mark 15:6-16

In the divine exchange, Jesus took our sins and gave us His righteousness. What else did He exchange, and what other benefits does He give us, find out as you listen to this message from Dr. Martineau.

Placement of Sons

Eph. 1:5; Rom. 8:15

What does the Bible say about the saints as sons? Listen as Dr. Dan Martineau explains.

Authority of the Believer

Eph. 1 and 2; Col. 1:13; 2:9

Are there really windows or portals which can open up to Heaven and Hell? How many realms of Heaven are there? Learn all this and more in this message from Dr. Martineau.

Psalm 91

Psalm 91

Learn more about Psalm 91 from Dr. Martineau.


Luke 1; Acts 1

Listen to find out more about the urgency God laid on the heart of Reverend Green.

Are You Paying Attention?

Gen. 46:33- 47:3

There is a cost to give your attention to something. Dr. Dan Martineau explains how to pay attention to what God tells us in His Word, and when He speaks into our lives personally.

Man's word, verses God's Word

Psalm 12

Listen as Dr. Dan Martineau explains Psalm 12, David's prayer of Distress.

The Fear of Jacob

Genesis 34

What caused Jacob's fear? Listen as Dr. Dan Martineau explains the motives behind Jacob actions, and how Jacob's fear caused his erratic behavior.

The Rescue of Dinah

Genesis 34

Dr. Dan Martineau teaches how Jacob's reaction was too little but his son's reaction was too much, and how Dinah was rescued from her trouble. What was Shechem's true intention? What caused Jacob's lack of reaction and his son's overreaction? Who is behind both of their actions? Listen to this teaching to find out the answer to these questions.

Absolute Praise

Psalm 148

Listen as Dr. Dan Martineau teaches about the order of praise in Heaven and on Earth, as described in Psalm 148.

Under Observation

Daniel 4:10-17, 23

How does God know everything that is going on in the earth? Angels are watching. These angels scout the earth to see what is happening in the nations and report to God, listen as Dr. Dan Martineau explains more about these holy messengers of God, their mission, and how they communicate with God.

Lessons On Prayer From Genesis

Genesis 18

Do you want to know how to energize your prayer life? Listen as Dr. Dan Martineau teaches on the prayer life of the Patriarchs and one of their servants to find out how.

Healing and the Cross

Exodus 15

Learn from Dr. Dan Martineau about the power of healing paid for by Jesus on the Cross, where God's healing power began, and how to bring His promises into your own life.


Amos 3:3

Dr. Dan Martineau teaches on learning to walk in agreement with God and His Word.

Sermon by Pastor Jerry Chaffee

Hebrews 13:13

Pastor Jerry Chaffee, (our Administrative Pastor) teaches on things that the word describes as being "outside the camp." Listen to find out what they are, and how to deal with them.

The Willingness of Jesus

Luke 5:12-15; Matthew 7:7-8

Whatever your need is, Jesus is wiling and able to meet that need for you. There are three levels of prayer, what are they? Listen to Dr. Dan Martineau teach what the Bible says about Asking, Seeking and Knocking, (in prayer), so you can receive your miracle.

The Voice of a Stranger

John 10:4-5

Learn where dinosaurs fit in history, where demons really come from, how Satan fell and more. Dr. Dan Martineau easily describes all of these concepts as he explains how to avoid the voice of the enemy, who Jesus calls "the stranger" in John chapter 10.

How God Communicates

Matthew 10:27; Isaiah 49:2

Dr. Dan Martineau describes how God communicates, how to hear His voice, and how to respond to His voice. We need to be sensitive to His voice. One of the ways He speaks to us is "in the darkness," Dr. Martineau teaches what this darkness is.

Sermon for the New Year

Isaiah 5:16; Jeremiah 4:2

Are judgments coming to America in 2012, or is God's favor coming? Listen as Dr. Dan Martineau shares what God put on his heart for 2012 and find out what is coming.

God is Our Healer

Exodus 15:26

Dr. Dan Martineau expertly describes how to reach out and touch God as our healer.

Christmas Thoughts

Luke 2:7; Matthew 8:20;

Dr. Dan Martineau reflects on Christmas and teaches how many have a twisted view of Jesus life. Nowhere do we see that Jesus is poor, but He had a treasurer, wore expensive clothes, and lived a quality life. Yet He was so committed to His mission that He did not have earthly attachments.

Why God Named His Son Jesus

Matthew 1:18-25

Learn what Jesus means, and why God gave Him this name as Dr. Dan Martineau explains the significance behind the name. In this message Dr.Dan Mrtineau explains why God gives names to different people, and how the name of Jesus ties Him to our victory.

Presentation of the Name Part 6

John 14:6

Learn how the Book of John describes Jesus in the Divine title of God, and His title of I Am. This week is I Am The Way, The Truth and The Life.

Blessed Despite Opposition

Gen. 14:20; Ps 41:2; Mark 10:30

Learn from Dr. Dan Martineau how you can receive blessings into your life, even as opposition is present.

Presentation of the Name Part 5

John 11

Learn how the Book of John describes Jesus in the Divine title of God, and His title of I Am.

Going To The Next Level

Galatians 3:13-14

Do you want to go to the next level in you walk with God? Listen to Reverend Jim Willet as he teaches about Creation, Deception, Redemption, and Substitution.

Presentation of the Name Part 4

John 10:1-18

Learn how the Book of John describes Jesus in the Divine title of God, and His title of I Am.