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Thanks for visiting this website. Lois and I want to welcome you to LICM. The church is Pentecostal/Charismatic, with a strong emphasis on spiritual growth. We do all we can do to turn people from a life of sin to Christ, however, my main gift is teaching God’s Word. Discipleship can only occur within the context of consistent Bible instruction. I do not believe that anyone, even in the secular world, can soundly teach in five or ten minutes. I seek to have the mind of the Spirit for every sermon and I take a reasonable amount of time during the service to explain the Scriptures.

            LICM has a variety of ministries. For years the church has had an outreach ministry to several local nursing homes. The team reaches hundreds of people each week and has been featured several times in local newspapers for commendable community service.

We practice “Lifestyle Evangelism.” The literal rendering of Christ’s command to “Go into all world” is “As you go.” The most effective evangelism is done in the business of everyday life; as we go to work, as we go to school, as we go shopping, as we work in the yard; etc.

LICM offers weekly ministry to the youth of all ages; has active prayer ministries and encouragement ministries, as well as other beneficial ministries.

If you are looking for a church home, I encourage you to visit us. If you want to experience spiritual worship, solid teaching of God’s Word, and spiritual gifts – LICM may be your church. If you are not close enough to attend our services, then, enjoy the free sermons posted regularly on this website.

Pastor, Dr. Danny L Martineau



Life In Christ Ministries' service schedule: 

Sunday Morning 

9:30 A.M.  "Learning To Walk With God" Class by 
                 Carolyn Campbell (All Ages)

10:30 A.M. Morning Praise and Worship
                  Toddler Class (Walking - Age 1)
                  2 & 3 Year Old Class
                  Super Church (Ages 4 - 12)

Sunday Evening

5:00 P.M.  Prayer and Healing service

6:00 P.M.  Anti Gravity (Ages 13 - 18)


7:00 P.M.  Heartland Nursing Home Ministry


9:30 A.M.  Prayer Meeting


6:00 P.M.  Heritage Assisted Living 
                 Nursing Home Ministry


10:45 A.M.  Marian E. Burch Adult Daycare Ministry
                   (2nd & 4th Fridays)


10:00 A.M.  Calhoun County Med. Care 
                   Nursing Home Ministry

We invite you and your family to come join us and be a part of our family.

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